Saturday, June 27, 2009

Four days.

This is what my room currently looks like, packing is such a pain. Moving out in four days, I'm so excited/scared/nervous and very poor. I just hope the real estate agent doesn't let us down. The house we are moving into has a few faults which needed to be fixed/replaced. I got such a shock last weekend when I went down and had a look inside, pretty discusting. I took photos of the damages I found and sent an email to the agent requesting that they all get fixed, which I'm hope that they have. I also had no idea that we lived along a main road. But the Indooroopilly Mall is literally just a walk around the corner!


photo source: kaela's


  1. hope all the moving goes well ;)
    my room is kinda in a bit mess. i havent tidy it up today haha.


  2. ..they're actually fixing things for you? I've never been to a share house where they've managed that! What was wrong with it?

    I'm excited for you to get here :) i love you


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