Saturday, October 17, 2009


Okay, so I've been quite lazy with keeping up with my blog. Just working full time, late hours (with no back pay thank you very much!) I just can't find time for anything, not even myself. I do my laundry at night because I can't find the time to do it any other day, I eat dinner way later than usual (which would probably explain my sudden weight gain) and I try to keep in touch with my family but I'm too tired by the time I hit the pillow, I'm off in another world.

This week fortunately will be short, as I go back home on Thursday to get my teeth ripped out on Friday. Fuck. I've just downloaded a heap of shows and movies to keep me sane and occupied for the next few days after my ordeal, along with my cute, fluffy "neice" Ruby to cuddle and look after when my sister heads off to work. I'll also have sweet drugs to numb the pain, and knock myself out for a good few hours.

I'm looking forward to some time off, and seeing my family <333